Luleå University of Technology – Luleå

Research and postgraduate studies

Research at Luleå University of Technology is for the most part applied research and is conducted in close collaboration with international and national companies.
The research has a turnover of over EUR 80 million and covers 69 research subjects.

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Turnover 2011 LTU
Luleå University of Technology has an annual turnover of EUR 160 million.
Today the University has 1,600 employees and 17,000 students.
Research is carried out in close cooperation with companies such as Shell, Ericsson, Scania, LKAB, Airbus, Volvo Aero and IBM and with the University’s international partners such as Monash University and Stanford University. This research has a turnover of more than EUR 90 million.

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Pocket Facts 2013

A quick overview of the Universitiy organization and facts.

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Education at first and second cycle level

Figures regarding students and studies at Luleå University of Technology.All figures are from 31th of December 2011.

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University staff

The total number of the staff are 1,600 persons

Total number 183. 15% women and 85% men

Teachers and researchers
Total number 540. 36% women and 64% men

Other staff
Total number 580. 51% women and 49% men.

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