7 PhD student positions in Computer Science, targeting Fog computing and Immersive Visual Technologies, at Mälardalen University in Västerås, SWEDEN

These positions are part of the projects “Fog Computing for Robotics and Industrial Automation” (FORA) and "Immersive Visual Technologies for Safety-critical Applications" (Immersafe), Both FOR A and Immersafe are H2020 Marie Sklodowska-Curie Innovative Training Network.

Fora will include 15 PhD-students in 4 countries (Austria, Denmark, Germany, and Sweden). In addition to post-graduate studies at MDH in Västerås, Sweden, the recruited PhD-students will do part of their research at the company TTTech in Vienna, Austria, as well as interact extensively with other project partners. For further details about FORA, please consult www.fora-etn.eu, where information about employment at other project partners is also available.

ImmerSAFE brings together 9 from Finland, Sweden, Norway, Croatia, Italy, and Switzerland, with the aim of training a new generation of multi-disciplinary experts, who have an understanding of the core imaging technologies, the requirements on them set by safety-critical applications and the human user in the design of such systems.

The focus of first position (FORA) is research into efficient safety certification of Fog-based industrial automation systems. The research is expected to result in the design of a dynamic safety assurance framework for Fog-based systems.

The second position (FORA) is focused on ultra-reliable, predictable, secure, and low-latency communication in mobile scenarios for Fog networks. Specific focus of research is mechanisms for efficient spectrum utilization, novel relaying protocols and diversity techniques to guarantee ultra-reliable and secure timing constraints.

The focus of the third position (FORA) is research into Dependability Services for Fog Computing Infrastructure. Specific focus of research is mechanisms for error detection, error recovery and fault diagnosis and removal, adapted to the needs of the targeted Fog Computing Infrastructure.

The fourth position (FORA) is focused on Resource management for dependable industrial applications. Specific focus of research is on designing a middleware that manages requests and local resources to provide more predictable service through the Fog and Cloud to the automation devices.

The focus of the fifth PhD student position (Immersafe) is design technology and techniques for interaction in work machines, i.e heavy vehicles, through integration and use of immersive visualization technology (particularly see-through visualization). The purpose is to create novel designs for interaction with the vehicles and the environment, providing enhanced operator experiences and efficiency, as well as improved safety and ergonomics.

The focus of the sixth PhD student position (Immersafe) is ultra-reliable communication of immersive visual data. Specifically, this includes investigation of the timing and reliability requirements for transmission of immersive visual data for safety-critical applications. The research work will include development of new mechanisms for reliable real-time data delivery and derivation of novel performance metrics specifically targeting safety-critical applications using immersive visual technologies.

The seventh PhD student position (Immersafe) will be focusing on dependability analysis in the contex of image-centric socio-technical systems.

Please find more details of each position at:

Please read job descriptions and the instructions for how to apply carefully before applying.

Candidate requirements
Only those who are or have been admitted to third-cycle courses and study programmes at a higher education may be appointed to doctoral studentships. Admittance is typically handled in conjunction with employment. Candidates are required to have an MSc in Computer Science or related subjects. Decisive importance is attached to personal suitability.

For positions 1-4 please see also http://www.fora-etn.eu/job-requirements/ for specific requirements for this employment and how to apply.

For positions 5-7 please see also https://immersafe-itn.eu// for specific requirements for this employment and how to apply.